As the economy is growing, economic life is increasingly advanced, science and technology is increasingly advanced, the world is now a flat world. Modern products that serve both the material and spiritual life that were previously only found in developed countries, only when we go abroad can we see them now being brought to meet for ourselves Vietnamese people. Previously, when building a homeowner, the priority was only for solidity, solidity, to ensure protection from rain, rain and thunder, now they have required more elements of architecture, aesthetics, About the usability and especially the comfort and modern. The automatic import gate is one of many products that has been installed in recent years for both agencies, factories and private houses in order to bring comfort to users. Let’s find out the benefits of automated gateways.

1. The convenience of a button

We are so used to having to get out of the car, take the lock to open the gate, or press the bell to open the gate. Being hungry and tired, I have to open big and heavy gates to make me feel more frustrated. Not to mention the sunny summer days like pouring fire, opening the gate and returning to close the gate will definitely make us more drowsy, sweaty. Then, on rainy days, when I was sitting in a dry car, I opened the gate and drank. Or I don’t want to get wet, so the person opening the gate can’t help it. But when using automatic gate, all difficulties and inconveniences will be completely overcome through a single control. Just sit in the car, stand in the house or even on the rooftop … and press the button, everything else has Gate Motor automatically. Not having to climb stairs or getting in or out of the car every time you open and close the gate will save you quite a bit of time in such a busy time.

2. Good anti-hacking

Automatic gate motors often have a built-in electric lock system so pulling the gate to break into the house is very difficult. Besides, the intelligent central processor of the board can connect to other peripheral devices such as CCTV, video bells, anti-theft systems … When an intruder enters, the system will automatically siren alarms and alarms on the host’s mobile phone, so even if you are not at home, you can feel secure about the security of the automatic gate.

3. Safe to use

Automatic gates are usually fitted with safety sensors on either side of the gate to prevent collisions with people and objects when entering the operation of the gate. When an obstacle enters the scanning area of ​​the safety sensor, the gate will automatically stop closing and reversing.

4. Easy to use and install

On the remote control, you only use two buttons for closing / opening the gate of one wing and two wings.

You can choose the setting: automatically closes after a certain number of seconds (depending on your choice) or press the button to close the port after use.

5. Good harsh resistance

The gate is the exterior of the house, often in direct contact with the sun and wind, so the gate motor is automatically designed and manufactured to ensure good water resistance, so when the rain and wind the gate is still not exposed to water, leading to rust or short circuit electricity. Motor casing is usually powder coated steel or high quality plastic with high heat resistance.

6. High aesthetics, bringing luxury to the home.

Motor is often mounted on the gate, or to float on the ground, easily falls into the eyes of people passing through the gate, so manufacturers often design very compact, harmonious and beautiful lines. In addition to opening the gate, it is like a decoration for the gate. With a sophisticated design and modern automatic opening feature, it will help to increase the pedal, the luxury of your own gate as well as your home.

7. Diversity of categories

Currently, Automatic Gate has been imported by companies from different countries from Asia such as Taiwan, Malaysia, China … to European countries such as Germany, Italy … so customers have a lot of choices. to suit your investment.

In addition, each gate company has many models, different models such as sliding motor, floor opening motor, swing arm motor or throttle motor. Each type often has different advantages and disadvantages in terms of price, appearance, water resistance, opening / closing features. For specific project sites, the supplier will advise you on the best options.