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A place where talented young Vietnamese are gathered

We believe that SMART HOUSE® is qualified to undertake and implement projects in the field of imported elevators and automatic doors with our customers.

SMART HOUSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SMART HOUSE® was formerly known as VIETNAM ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES CO., LTD established in 2012 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi.

From 2013: Directly importing products such as YH, GS, and AC with top brand name automatic door motors.

June 2017: Cooperated with FUJITEC Corporation of Japan in the elevator field

August 2017: Memorized to cooperate with ARITCO Group of Sweden in the field of home lifts.

September 2017: Cooperated with SELE Group of ITALIA in the field of home elevators.

October 2017: Cooperated with BENINCA Group of ITALIA in the field of automatic doors, and became the exclusive distributor in Vietnam.

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SMART HOUSE® provide the best solutions for the needs of imported elevators, rolling doors, automatic doors by the combination of professional knowledge and the "mind" of the profession. When customers choose our products or services, it means that customers choose the wisest way.


People are the greatest asset, the center of all strategies. Branding  SMART HOUSE always goes hand in hand with recruiting, training human resources and wanting to become human SMART HOUSE must meet the 2 virtues "Talent" and "Germany".


Warren Buffett once said, "It takes 20 years to build a career, a name for ourselves and only 5 minutes to destroy it." We always think about it, we want to grow, we don't want to destroy the brand that we are dedicated to building.

BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY “Keep your mind bright”

SMART HOUSE pursues the philosophy encapsulated in 3 words "Keeping" "Mind" "Bright" with meanings

  • Hold: Brand protection
  • Mind: Professional responsibility
  • Morning: Innovation


SMART HOUSE® strive to become the pioneer brand to create consumer trends in the field of imported elevators and automatic doors in the Vietnamese market.

SMART HOUSE® not only bring economic benefits to investors. But we also have the aspiration to contribute to building the country for a richer and more beautiful Vietnam.


Providing imported elevators and luxurious automatic doors - European-class, with clear origins.

Importing products - services of imported elevators and automatic doors with good quality and competitive prices to customers. SMART HOUSE® always want and determination to be present in each beautiful house.


Commitment to employees: Healthy working environment, solidarity, good income…
Commitment to customers: Products with European standards, correct origin and professional construction.
Commitment with supplier: Brand development, steady sales growth…
Commitment to Society: Compliance with Laws