Knowing Smart House thanks to its location in the Hung Phu residential area project, Ms. Binh contacted directly and questioned the rough design and interior construction of her villa.

Details of the construction project of interior villas:

Investor : Ms. Binh

Location : Thang Long Home Hung Phu residential project address 565 To Ngoc Van – Tam Binh – Thu Duc – Ho Chi Minh City

Construction items : Interior design and construction

Loving neoclassical style with wooden furniture, An Phu Design and Build cleverly designed the entire interior space in a seamless style that helps the villa become extremely beautiful.

Living room with classical velvet fabric sofa, stair railing with extremely luxurious designs.

Set of kitchen furniture with wooden tables and chairs, high-class shelf system helps the villa become cozy.

For a homemaker like Ms. Binh, the kitchen is probably the place she pays the most attention, understanding her mind, the architects in An Phu skillfully designed a fully equipped kitchen and extremely spectacular.

With the large space of the dining room villa and the living room decorated with many chandeliers and other furniture are extremely beautiful. The mansion becomes more sparkling at night, helping her family enjoy meaningful moments together.